Race Recall: 1999 MassCap Suffolk Downs-Behrens

MassCap Suffolk Downs Winner Behrens
MassCap Suffolk Downs Winner Behrens

Bet Thoroughbreds writers are big fans of racehorses from the 90’s! The winner of the 1999 MassCap at Suffolk Downs is one of those, Behrens. BeThoroughbreds.com is anchored in the Boston Area, so Suffolk Downs is in our backyard. Often referred to as Suffering Downs, and the brunt of many downfalls since it’s inception in the 1930’s, it has seen some wonderful times, and that includes the running of the MassCap.

Suffolk Downs MassCap

Notable winners of this race include, Seabiscuit, War Relic, Whirlaway, Riva Ridge, Dixieland Band, Skip Trial, Cigar (twice), Skip Away (twice), Behrens, Running Stag, Macho Uno and Commentator to name a few. The full list can be found here: Winners.

Recalling the very exciting 1999 MassCap which saw Behrens, Running Stag and Real Quiet in a stretch duel. Real Quiet was our first choice, as BetThoroughbreds has been a fan of him since his 1998 Run for the Triple Crown.

Behrens was the first pick for the MassCap with Real Quiet the second choice. Rounding out top three was the impressive Running Stag. All three horses were proven stakes winners, and had all run with great company.

In the MassCap at Suffolk Downs, it would be Behrens in the stretch, but not without fighting for it. It literally came down to the last few punches that Behrens had left. It almost looked like Running Stag was going to take it. Real Quiet ended up finishing a dissappointing 3rd, and not much of a factor down the stretch.

1999 Masscap at Suffolk Downs Video

Behrens won the MassCap at Suffolk downs and went on to win many more stakes, and place second in the Dubai World Cup the next year! His race record can be found here: Behrens Race Record. Behrens stands at Victory Rose Stallions in Vacaville, Ca.

Running Stag would go on and win the MassCap at Suffolk Downs the next year!








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